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Void Properties

Timetra understand that void properties equate to lost revenue. With void property services and maintenance reducing turnaround time is crucial in minimising costs and financial exposure.

With over 40 years’ experience and an excellent reputation in the market, our dedicated Void Property Team is composed of specialists in vacant property refurbishment and management. Timetra can manage every stage of the void property process, from undertaking a pre-inspection survey through to completing all necessary remedial works, final post-inspection, and handover.

Our service is fully flexible, tailored to your individual requirements, including individual standards and target turnaround timescales.

Our robust process includes:

  • » Pre-inspection survey
  • » Completion of remedial works and attaining an agreed standard
  • » Final post-inspection
  • » Handover

For every type of public and private sector properties our void property management team can deal with and solve all of the problems and challenges associated with the vacant property. Our aim is to always get your void property back on the market, generating revenue as fast and as cost effectively as possible.

Minimise Rent Loss

By reducing turnaround times in void properties and providing a comprehensive range of property maintenance and management services we are able to minimise your rent loss in both private properties and housing association homes. Resulting in maximising the rental income and reducing the cost of providing void service while enabling clear and robust voids tracking and management.

Our structured and carefully regulated void properties process includes detailed planning and organisation of empty property repairs, maintenance and management to achieve optimum turnaround delivered within budget and to agreed timescales.

Our Void Services Include:

  • » Security measure including re-keying and lock changes
  • » Ensuring the safety of water, gas and electric supplies
  • » Emergency boarding and glazing
  • » Scheduled property inspections and surveys
  • » Complete safety checks
  • » Extensive cleaning and removal of rubbish
  • » Complete property repair and refurbishment services
  • » Energy performance compliance management

Void Works Progress Tracker

We have created a web-based portal, which allows our Clients to log in and track the progress of works on any individual void property, via a virtualised production planner.

All key stages of the refurbishment process are updated in real time, as the work is completed, allowing our Clients to review progress and accurately predict completion date for the property.All relevant certification is also uploaded to the production planner, allowing the client to access these documents as soon as they are complete. Before and after survey photos are also uploaded to the site for every property.

Emergency Repair

Timetra provides a fast response emergency repair service which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all public holidays. Emergency calls arising outside of normal working hours are handled by our fully staffed call centre, ensuring that the same high standards are maintained both day and night.

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