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Preservation Services

Timetra offers comprehensive nationwide property preservation and ongoing management services for commercial and residential properties. Our specialist preservations team is happy to deal with the smallest of concerns through to very large contracts and will always offer professional and friendly advice. Whether you are affected by condensation, rising damp, penetrating damp or rot, we will attend to your needs both promptly and efficiently with a stress-free solution.

Woodworm Infestation Prevention Services

Woodworm can cause extensive damage which depends on the kind of wood and the particular species of woodworm. While the furniture beetle rarely causes structural damage, the longhorn beetle can seriously compromise the structural strength of softwood roof timbers. The powderpost beetle can seriously damage certain hardwoods, and the deathwatch beetle, which is relatively rare in Scotland, tends to attack hardwoods that have suffered some form of decay. We are able to identify and permanently restore and replace any kind of woodworm infestation to all damaged timbers.

Rising Damp & Basement Waterproofing

We are able to deal with all of the problems related to rising damp including, restoring the damage that it has caused as well as ensuring that it doesn't reoccur. We are also able to turn a domestic or commercial wet basement into a dry, comfortable place for living or working in.

Wet basements and rising damp can occur for a variety of reasons, for instance it could be due to high humidity and poor ventilation. Often the source of dampness is from surface water running down foundation walls; cracks in foundation walls; groundwater under hydrostatic pressure; failed damp proofing barriers; or other forms of water ingress.

Epoxy Resin Repairs

We are able to provide In-Situ Epoxy Resin repairs which can speed up timber repairs, we can even repair timbers in very confined spaces. This type of repair can provide an economic solution to fixing timbers where removing then would incur great expense. Generally the use of resin repairs avoids altering the external appearance of the timber.

Condensation Control

We are specialised in dealing with all forms of dampness including condensation control. We are able to use a range of ventilation solutions to control condensation while improving air quality.

Timber Decay

We are able to deal with all forms of timber decay including wet rot and dry rot, replacing and restoring damaged timbers. We can identify and fix the sources of dampness that are responsible for the decay. Using chemical treatments that will eliminate any residual fungal spores, remove waste and make good the damaged structure.

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